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As the pandemic heightened the need for virtual platforms of all kinds, we saw a need to evolve the format and reach of our successful in-person The Rojo Way wellness education programs.


The pandemic made clear the lack of—and necessity for—live and on-demand, culturally tailored wellness education. What started as a podcast and YouTube video series that supplemented in-person workshops since 2019 evolved into a virtual community.
In 2022, SuperVive Comunidad launched as an app with both asynchronous and synchronous content, building a virtual community to empower Hispanic women’s health and well-being, with an intentional focus on serving economically disadvantaged women.


Now available on iOS on the App Store and through Google Play, we aim to be the ”go-to” App for wellness and prevention among Hispanics. A web-based version is also accessible at

1. Nutrition

2. Mental health

As of today...


podcast episodes published, with more than 50 special guests, experts in different areas.



listeners in 19 countries make up our reach. We are determined to continue growing.


You can listen to our Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, YouTube, Ivoox and directly on our website:

Download SuperVive Comunidad:


3. Physical Activity

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