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ROSAesROJO was born as a non-profit organization with the mission of providing health and wellness education to Hispanic women and their families in the United States, to prevent chronic diseases.


The work of wellness workshops and mentoring begins through the “El Camino Rojo” program, for Hispanic women in North Texas. Work begins with some community partners in the region. Outreach, mainly, is word of mouth.



ROSAesROJO is chosen as part of the Social Innovation Accelerator Program of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. He is 1 of 11 social entrepreneurs in the region changing the narrative to solve social problems in a creative and innovative way.


The United Way Dallas SIA becomes an extraordinary platform to grow, thanks to the support of the financial, social capital and mentors that the organization received.

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The online (virtual) version of “The Rojo Way” is ready and delivered to more than 250 women this year. The opening of our program to other Hispanic communities outside of North Texas begins.

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We were chosen as Fellows of this great community. Among 2,698 applications, from 146 different countries, 38 innovators were selected in 2022. Tremendous achievement!

We were selected as part of The Racial Equity Fund of The Dallas Foundation.

We were selected as a fellow in the Collin County Nonprofit Success Institute for 2022, led by Communities Foundation of Texas, United Way of Dallas, and Toyota


For the first time we received a multi-year Community Impact grant from United Way Dallas.

SuperVive Comunidad, our second program in the organization, was born as a wellness app to offer 24/7 wellness content to Hispanics in the United States. It is expected to end the year with 200 members in the community, and we managed to exceed the goal to reach 306 members at the end of the year.

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our timeline:



ROSAesROJO began as a digital blog to accompany Hispanic women experiencing cancer processes. Aideé Granados, a cancer survivor since 2013, writes her experiences as an immigrant and recently diagnosed, with the intention of raising awareness that prevention through adopting a healthy lifestyle is possible, accessible, saves lives and adds well-being.



ROSAesROJO receives its first official donation from Hispanic 100, and is used to teach wellness classes to Hispanic women in North Texas. There is rapprochement with the first community partners.



ROSAesROJO is 1 of 5 finalists to participate in The Vote and The Pitch, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas events, where social innovators participate to earn funds and thus grow and scale their programs. Also this year, ROSAesROJO is chosen as part of the KERNEL accelerator program, of the United Way of Tarrant County.


RER won the 2019 D-CEO and Communities Foundation of Texas Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship award for “Organization of the Year < $99,000.


SuperVive Podcast is born on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, YouTube, Podbean and Ivoox, delivering weekly wellness episodes.

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ROSAesROJO is chosen as a fellow of The Roddenberry Fellowship at the national level. The exhibition of our work to help issues of Racial Equity and Health Equity begins at the national level.

ROSAesROJO participated in The CDC Foundation Empowered Health Cancer-Free Challenge where our social innovation was chosen as a Top 5 Idea Winner around the world.  

The first Independent Audit for ROSAesROJO is completed, which opens the door to other donors and supports at the national and international level.

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ROSAesROJO is chosen as a fellow of the Mira Fellowship internationally, sharing a community with innovators from India, Norway and the US.

In collaboration with The CDC Foundation, the new Empowered Health module begins, as part of El Camino Rojo, teaching participants tools for self-care and empowerment, shared decision making with medical teams and main diagnostic tests for the health of the woman.


It is also thanks to The CDC Foundation that 100 scholarships are awarded to serve women in El Camino Rojo OUTSIDE North Texas, allowing us to reach participants in various states and territories such as California, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, among others

To be continued...

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