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ROSAesROJO makes wellness and prevention accessible for the high-risk cancer population of Hispanic women in North Texas. Their mission is to educate them on the topics of nutrition, physical activity, emotional health, and positive thinking by using Spanish and culturally relevant content.


Our long-time podcast and YouTube video series has evolved. New in 2022, SuperVive is launched as an app-based online wellness community. With both asynchronous and synchronous content, SuperVive Comunidad is empowering Hispanic women’s health and well-being. We leverage technology for community benefit, creating networks of support and accountability.


A program that delivers direct health and wellness education designed to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases, in-person or online, 100% in Spanish and made culturally relevant, primarily to Hispanic women who are economically disadvantaged.

At ROSAesROJO we want our participants to feel safe enough to make health-conscious decisions.

Today, ROSAesROJO is part of the solution to reduce the incidence of cancer among Hispanic women living in North Texas, and nationwide, thanks to wellness education and partnerships with other community organizations (vision 2030).

We focus on women because of the enormous potential they have among their families and communities. The effects of the positive and healthy approach are contagious and impact positively, beyond the physical health issues.

Why so much need for health?

There is much education and information in the United States about wellness, health, and cancer prevention. However, the vast majority of this information is in English and is not adapted to our Hispanic cultural context.

This has had a profound impact on the physical and emotional health of all Hispanics. We are getting sick, not because we lack the financial resources to take care of ourselves, but because we are not well educated in how to achieve well-being, health and live with an adequate lifestyle.

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