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Good Morning Texas

News Story


Culture Shock, Then a Cancer Shock, Inspired Me to Create the Community I Needed

Aideé Granados

News 23 Univision

News Story

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Surviving Cancer Is Harder When You’re an Immigrant Like Me (OPINION)
Latino Rebels

Univision 23

with you in the community

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Echoing Green - Bold Idea


Aideé Granados

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Smarter, Stronger, Healthier Together: Empowerment in Cancer Care - AMGEN

Aideé Granados

Dallas Business Journal

Minority Business Leader Awards

Telemundo 39

Total Access


with you in the community. Super Live Hike

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Conduent + SuperVive Virtual Race


ROSAesROJO: an effective solution for wellness and cancer prevention

for Latinas in America

The Power of Making Social Change and Cancer Prevention

a reality for Latinas

Conversations with Coaches


Coaching Women Through Cancer, Starting a Non-Profit

with Aidee Granados

Every Patient Counts, Every Story Matters Health Equity Series Podcast

Aideé Granados y Nathan Knuth

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Radio Light Dallas

5K SuperLive

Voyage Dallas

Meet Aidee Granados of Rosa Es Rojo

Dallas Innovations

The Pitch: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Awards $225K to This Year's Top Social Innovators

Dallas Business Journal

And the United Way's Social Innovator of the Year Award goes to...

D CEO Magazine

The Winners of D CEO's Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019

Dallas Doing Good

The Children of the Shore

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As part of the Dallas Public Voices- The OpEd project, Founder & CEO Aide Granados, has written the following OpEds:

D CEO Healthcare

Hispanics Need Wellness Education With a Twist

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What cancer patients can learn from The Hulk

How Spiritual Well Being

is a Key Factor for Health Outcomes

Texas Lifestyle Magazine

5 Texas Latinas You Need To Know, 2019

Fort Worth Business Press

United Way of Tarrant County announces KERNEL winners

Visible Magazine

Menopausal in my 30s: Welcome the transition

Latin Rebels

Teacher Firing Shows Why Educators Need Educating on Latinos and Immigration

Latin Business Today

Turning Spending into Investment Power for Latinx in America

DCEO. Finalists Announced:

D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019

Dallas Business Journal

Minority Business Leaders Awards. Community Advocate

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