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 ROSAesROJO’s “The Rojo Way” programs deliver direct health and wellness education designed to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases, in-person or online, 100% in Spanish and made culturally relevant, primarily to Hispanic women with limited economic resources.

The concept behind The Rojo Way is innovative, as it is designed using the methodology known as accelerated learning, based on how we learn naturally: total involvement thanks to dynamic activities, collaboration between all participants and an immersion in the real context in the that we live.

The Rojo Way focuses on the clarity and simplicity of concepts. We share information and content with the Latino community that are generally scattered and in English. Our messages maintain a positive tone. We focus on solutions and emphasize the importance of understanding what we can control and change. Most of the top resources that other organizations offer are not specific to our Latino market.


What are the steps to participate in The Rojo Way ™?

Hispanic women find out about the program through the recommendation of other women who have participated, through social media or through our community partners (hospitals, churches, other non-profit organizations). Our participants are often confused by so much information that exists today about health and wellness, most of it in English and difficult to understand.

Together with our community partners, we do an evaluation to award scholarships to our participants.

The Rojo Way™ begins with 16 hours of face-to-face or online workshops on nutrition, positive thinking, healthy emotions and physical activity.

It then continues with four 1: 1 sessions of personalized mentoring to make and fulfill an Action Plan. Each session lasts one hour. These sessions are led by a ROSAesROJO ambassador.

At the end of the 20 hours of the program, all are invited to a "SuperVivientes Graduation", to celebrate their achievements and their change of habits.

After graduation, women will be able to continue their training using digital platforms and technological resources.


In our program, we voluntarily invite all our participants to evaluate the possibility of donating in money or in kind, to make it possible for another woman to also participate in this wellness program . It is completely voluntary.

To measure the effectiveness of The Rojo Way ™, we have defined three evaluation moments:



At the beginning, our participants answer a questionnaire to understand where they are today, with respect to a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Point!

After attending our workshops, our participants complete a questionnaire to measure the skills they have learned, and how their lives are changing to improve their health and well-being.

Once they have finished the personalized mentoring sessions, our participants complete a questionnaire to measure their resilience, well-being habits and better lifestyle *.


In the long term, we measure that our participants have the ability to:






Make better choices in your eating choices.

Correctly check product labels.

Identify toxic or poorly nutritious ingredients.

Name and acknowledge your emotions.

Incorporate a healthy lifestyle, in accordance with your personal and family budgets.

* Our effectiveness and evaluations are based on the model of Dr. Martin Seligman: the PERMA model of the University of Pennsylvania

(positive emotions, commitment, positive relationships, meaning and achievement).

Continuing support thanks to:


Communication via texts, using the EZText app.


Podcast and YouTube channel SUPERVIVE.


Survival Guides downloadable from our website.


Digital blog in Spanish with wellness articles.


Education and ongoing wellness messages, via social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


References with other partner and friend organizations.

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