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Rosa es Rojo is Rebel

Rosa es Rojo was born out of a hunch. I love mine. And I have learned to listen to them.

One day, in the middle of chemo to treat my breast cancer, I started to get dizzy. It wasn't the medicine. It was something else. My head was spinning as I realized the amount of misinformation and misinformation that existed (and exists) around breast cancer.

Little by little I was learning, from good sources, about how to "survive" cancer and sing about victory, and some things that they said to me in the hospital, or read in the books they gave me or saw in magazines and advertising, nothing else. it fits with being better. Quite the opposite. The "pink ribbons" for example, I came across them in many places, and doing some research I realized that whoever claimed to support the cure was really promoting the disease. What confusion. And what abuse.

I was concluding that the "pink" around breast cancer was not for me. It did not mean what I needed to get ahead and live many more years. I need a ... red! A stunning red, bright, crazy, aggressive even. The opposite of pink.

And one morning I turned around and said to my husband: "Rosa is Rojo." That's what it's like for me. And so I decided to live my cancer journey and its cure.

I decided to rebel against every forecast they gave me. I decided to question and educate myself about my cancer. I decided to choose the best doctors and fully trust them. I also decided to pay attention to my gut feeling. I decided to try new remedies and a good lifestyle for my health. It has been fascinating.

Thanks to red, I survived. And not only did I survive, but today I live much better than before. Undoubtedly. Thanks to red, today I SuperVive.

Rosa es Rojo is Integral

When I started my treatment, I decided to do it by conventional means: chemotherapies, surgeries, radiation. Well, I didn't have time to "decide" because it was all very fast. I correct: I did not decide, because I had no OPTIONS to choose from. I simply agreed to go by a conventional method.

What options am I talking about? What are there other ways to treat cancer other than the usual ones? Yes, there are, and many call them alternative, natural or unconventional methods.

During my conventional path, I was learning from the unconventional. And I am a believer that the good mix of both has been an approach that, in my case, has brought many benefits.

There are many examples that I have read, and that I have known, that have gone only one of the two ways. And they have done well. As I said before, it is important to educate yourself, listen to those who are your guide, and in the end follow your hunches.

I have also had the joy of living and meeting medical oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, who seek a comprehensive approach to curing cancer. I take my hat off! Finding them has been my greatest fortune.

Rosa es Rojo wants just that: to give you options to get better and better. Conventional and unconventional options. Maybe you want to mix them up or go one way. That depends on you and what you are looking for.

I am sure that you will know how to decide well and better.

Rosa es Rojo is Diverse

Each person living with cancer has a different way of understanding it, coping with it or processing it.

To ALL those who go through this, I love and respect them with all my being: both those who do fight, and those who do not. Those who want to change habits, as well as those who don't. To those who go through alternative paths, such as those who go through the traditional ones. To those who want better not to think about the disease, such as those who make cancer their life and mission.

I admire and love EVERYONE. They make me strong and grateful day by day.

Rosa es Rojo does not try to judge or want to put everyone in the same SuperVive way.

Whatever YOUR style of SuperVive, I welcome you!

Rosa es Rojo is SuperViving

Rosa is Red wants you SuperViving.

Surviving can be synonymous with SuperViving. And I didn't like it….

Survive: "living with limited means or in adverse conditions."

I do not want you to have "little means". Therefore, I want to give you options, information, means, experiences, testimonials.

I do not want you to live in "adverse conditions". Quite the opposite. The opposite of this. I want to give you options so that your conditions are better every day. I want you to SuperVive!

And SuperViving for me is to decide to live to the fullest, to the extreme, doing what my heart yearns for the most and for which it is passionate every day. Going crazy with happiness is SuperVive. What does SuperViving mean to you?

Rosa es Rojo is Aidee

“Fighting is not enough to win. It is the SPIRIT with which you fight that defines victory ”. George Marshall

I did not have a "fight" against breast cancer. In fact, I don't like being called a "warrior". I am not in dispute with anyone or anything!

With cancer, I had a trip. Unexpected, yes. However, I love to travel!

My face-to-face encounter with cancer was full of good, bad, and ugly. However, at the end of the day, the good guys won by a lot.

You might think that on this trip I lost things along the way: parts of my body, hair, energy, friends. It was not so. Today, like never before, I feel complete and full. I have added many good things, many experiences, affection from friends and family, and strangers as well.

I am grateful for this experience. It sounds crazy, I know; however, what I have added is more than what I have subtracted.

Sometimes the question arises, why am I so grateful? First of all, because I could see how God helps me and brings me back to fully live a life that I am rediscovering and enjoying today. Second, because my family and friends are here, especially Nathan, my husband, and my daughter María Andrea, who is my support and motivation at every moment, at every step. Third, because I have a treasure in my doctors: human beings before doctors, trustworthy, as well as all their staff. Fourth, because before cancer I had no idea how much I was capable of doing and living. So today I have a better idea of ​​what I'm capable of! And I still have a lot to discover.

Looking back on that Friday in March 2013, when I received the news, I can say that I am different. I am different because I decided to change many things that FORM my body and FORM my soul.

And this leads me to think of my new favorite word: RESILIENCE, which for me means how to totally disintegrate to be reborn as a new and better person. Now yes, I confess: I like this “new Aideé” much more! It's the wave!

Rosa es Rojo it's NOT only about cancer

The idea of ​​SuperViving is for everyone and has no end.

Although ROSAesROJO is part of my experience with breast cancer, the information it contains is not just for cancer patients, cancer survivors, or those who care for people with cancer.

Rosa es Rojo is for everyone who wants to have options to live to the fullest and make decisions to be healthier, and therefore happier.

It is my wish that Rosa es Rojo helps many people.

Rosa es Rojo it's NOT misery

I love this. During the time that we lived through the cancer treatment, everyone in the family made a plan: not to focus on the miseries.

Some miseries that go with the difficult trials that we live can cause unhealthy curiosity: what laziness! If you want morbid, Rosa es Rojo will not be the place. You will not find here things to cut your veins crying for the "misfortune" of others. The ugly and difficult thing about going through a health test is a reality. And it is your decision to know how you want to take advantage of that.

Mind, spirit, and body positive.

Rosa es Rojo it's NOT infalible

Yes, I confess that I have dreamed of a magic wand that will make my wishes come true.

But it does not exist. At least until now. ;)

Rosa es Rojo offers no magic bullets or options. Neither automatic responses. Some ideas you will like, others you will not. Some options will work for you, others will not. Some will beat you, and others just won't. It is not infallible.

I think there is trial and error, under controlled conditions. And in some cases, taking a little risk. Worth it.

You, well connected with your mind, spirit, and body, will be the best thermometer to decide and undertake adventures to improve your health.

I invite you to read, study, ask questions and in the end, decide on best practices that help you to be a happier, fuller person.


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