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Moni and Blanquita: An example of Transcendence

My name is Mónica Aguilera, I am 28 years old. I was born in Jalisco, just like my mother. When I was just 3 years old, my mom made the decision to move to the United States. Although I am originally from Mexico, this country is my home. I was always very close to my mother, Blanca Flores. Together we faced many challenges, and we always got ahead.

In my house, we led an “average” lifestyle and I can say that we were very happy. However, one day everything took a 180-degree turn. In June 2018 my mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was in the hospital and after a few months, he got better. Just after being hospitalized, she discovered ROSAesROJO through Univision; someone on television was talking about scholarships for cancer prevention and wellness program. My mother began to be part of the workshops and to get involved in El Camino Rojo. He graduated in December 2018. They taught him to take care of his diet, his physique, and above all to think positive. Every day I saw her happier and more optimistic. I had the pleasure of seeing how he learned to deal with any situation that came his way in a positive way. ROSAesROJO changed her life, and she arrived at the perfect time since due to her diagnosis, it was essential that she take care of her health.

After a while, my mother decided to volunteer at the organization, and she liked the workshops so much that she invited me to be part of them. Like my mother, being part of El Camino Rojo changed my life. I learned to take better care of myself, and my baby who was already on the way!

My mother passed away in July 2020, and boy has it been easy to be without her. If I'm honest, I often feel lonely. Currently, my daughter is already one and a half years old, and I want to care for and love her in the same way that my mother did with me. I understood that in order to take care of her and give her a better life, I need to take care of myself first.

I also understood that no matter how many times I fall, the important thing is to get up. When I first lost my mother, I neglected all my habits, and I began to feel very bad, physically and emotionally. Today, little by little, I am recovering the desire to do things well and to return to my routine. I keep moving forward. And I know that for my mother that is courage and she must be very proud of me. I want to put a lot of desire into life, for me, for my daughter, for my family, and to honor my mother!

I was able to see first-hand how other ROSAesROJO volunteers and team encouraged and accompanied my mother on a very difficult path: that of the recurrence of her cancer and physical deterioration. Always be grateful for that.

I know my mother was infinitely grateful for everything she learned in her time with ROSAesROJO, and all the opportunities she had while she was here. Knowing that she was happy, healthy, and fulfilling the last years of her life fills me with happiness. I will continue to see life with optimism, just as my mother did until the end.

If you are reading this, I want to tell you that no matter how difficult a situation or challenge is, getting ahead is possible! ROSAesROJO is a great help to achieve peace and well-being, and I will always be grateful for everything they did and continue to do for us. I will continue walking day by day, step by step, towards health.

Note from Tania and Aideé:

Blanquita was tireless when it came to serving, accompanying, inviting someone else. Tireless. Admirable. We remember perfectly when at the June 2019 graduation, Moni, her daughter, graduated from El Camino Rojo, and a beautiful baby was already on her way. Three generations deciding to live a life with more well-being and happiness!

We had the opportunity to visit her at her home a couple of days before she died. His sister had come from Mexico, and they had not been together for many years. What a wonderful gift. And we can see that, even when Blanquita's physical body suffered and faded a little every day, her spirit did the opposite.

Blanquita's days in the hospital, after surgeries, in bed, unable to receive many visitors because the pandemic was at its peak, made her spirit GROW; they strengthened it. In a very special and somewhat mysterious way, Blanquita always radiated light and courage to us to continue walking.

Blanquita Flores made it clear to us that it is vital to motivate other women to take care of themselves in body, soul, and mind and invited us to live the challenges of life with SIMPLICITY, LOVE and with FAITH that they will always, always, take us to a better place.

Blanquita died on July 4, 2020. That day, there were many colored lights in the sky!

Rest in peace, Blanquita Flores.


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