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Methodist Dallas Medical Center: Committed to Improving the Health of Hispanics

Methodist Dallas Medical Center has served North Texas as a leader in health care. They are also the primary teaching and referral center for the Methodist Health System.

As a result of our communications on social media, always thinking about our Hispanic community’s health and wellness, Methodist Dallas Medical Center reached out to us in order to collaborate and directly support our mission of bringing wellness and cancer prevention.

It motivates us a lot to know that medical centers and hospitals, like the Methodist Dallas Medical Center, are committed to improving the health of Hispanics, especially here in North Texas.

At ROSAesROJO, we know that Cultural Humility is KEY for us to live with greater well-being. So let's talk about Cultural Humility in the medical system!

It's not just about hearing our language when we go to the doctor. Cultural Humility goes much further, and we identify it when we find resonance and respect for our cultural roots when in contact with health professionals. The Methodist Dallas Medical Center has done this very well. We talked with Karla and Lizzeth, two of our SuperVivors who received care from them, and they shared their feelings and thoughts with us:

- Why did you choose the Methodist Dallas Medical Center to receive care?

Liz: My name is Lizzeth Molina; I am 41 years old, and I’m from Ensenada, Baja, California, and today I am living in the United States.

When I was pregnant, I couldn't find a hospital where they wanted to treat me. I came to the USA in 2010 and didn't know much about hospitals here. I was talking to clinics, and nobody wanted to take me in as a new patient, and unfortunately, I lost my baby. So when I got pregnant again, I was prepared to treat myself from the beginning at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center because I knew that to have my baby safely, I had to be treated from the start.

Karla: My name is Karla de Alba; I am 39 years old and live in the United States.

I was looking for a gynecologist because I was pregnant. Methodist Dallas Medical Center was highly recommended to me. My friend Lizzeth, who I had already accompanied in her pregnancies on two occasions, had already been there, and that gave me calm.

  • As a Hispanic, did you find resources appropriate to your culture and language?

Liz: Yes. I never felt discrimination from anyone, and although the nurse who treated me did not speak Spanish, there was always someone in the room to translate and make sure I understood everything. In addition, the doctor treated me entirely in Spanish and made me feel safe.

Karla: Yes. All the staff spoke to me in Spanish. For me, that was very important because I speak little English. The nurses and lactation staff always had someone there who spoke fluent Spanish. They were all very patient with me.

My experience was somewhat peculiar because my daughter was born on December 26, so we had to spend Christmas there. I really felt very well cared for. They made a warm and special atmosphere, and the volunteers brought us little gifts to our rooms. I felt accompanied and in very good hands.

  • What did you like the most about attending you with them?

Liz: After my experiences at other hospitals, the care I received at Methodist Dallas Medical Center is exceptional. The care of the doctors and nurses was excellent, and everyone was always attentive to my needs.

Karla: What I liked the most is that they are very traditional since they support breastfeeding and give you all the support to achieve it correctly and healthily. In another hospital where I had my son, they gave him a pacifier without my consent and we couldn't resume breastfeeding with him. Instead, here I was taught how to breastfeed correctly and without any pain.

Thank you, Methodist Dallas Medical Center!

Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Karla, SuperVivor

Liz, SuperVivor


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