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Meet Yuliana: True Example of Transformation!

My name is Yuliana Vargas, I am 36 years old and I have lived in the United States for more than 19 years. The reason why I am here is that my mother, who was a single mother, decided to emigrate and seek better opportunities.

Thank God, I have never had a serious health challenge or complication in my life, and I would like to keep it that way for myself and my family. That is why my priority is disease prevention through good habits. Day by day I have concrete goals for my family to have a better lifestyle. What motivates me is that I want to make a positive change in future generations by providing them with information and education. I don't want them to make the same mistakes as me. We are an example for our children! Through prevention, we are ensuring a future where they can enjoy and live better.

I met ROSAesROJO last year at Catholic Charities, thanks to the program they have for children under five years of age and their mothers. Participating in El Camino Rojo, right in the middle of the pandemic, was a unique and different experience. Through Zoom I met great people, including the facilitators of my workshops and sessions, Tania Lemus and Liz Gutiérrez. I really liked everything I learned from them. My way of thinking changed very drastically, for the better. Although I was already trying to feed my family properly, there was still much that I did not know. And this was the key to making a positive and impactful change.

Thanks to being taught to read product labels at the grocery store, I learned that my favorite drinks, even if they weren't sodas, weren't as good as I thought. I was able to identify which ingredients bring me a benefit, and which were the best for my children. I want to confess that yes, I was overwhelmed when I realized that many of the products we use when cooking do not offer real and clear information, and it is key to learn to discern between the options that are presented to us. So after El Camino Rojo, I was paying more attention to what I bought and consumed. Today I use more organic ingredients, herbs, and new seasonings that bring health benefits to my family, and also make everything taste more delicious.

In ROSAesROJO, in addition to guiding you in nutrition, they also motivate you to exercise. Exercising always caught my attention but, honestly, I didn't spend time on it. Recently, I decided to join my sister in an exercise camp in order to be physically active outside. There I realized that giving time, resources, and being accompanied by someone in your goals makes all the difference to have more health and well-being. This is a long-term investment and that motivates me a lot.

Day by day, I try to share all the information I learned in El Camino Rojo, through optimistic and constructive recommendations. I want those around me to share the satisfaction of having good habits. If you have the opportunity to be part of the ROSAesROJO programs, I recommend them! For you and your family.

ROSAesROJO accompanies and supports you in your journey towards physical, emotional, and mental health. In short, here you find the motivation to improve and a second family.


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