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Meet Yesenia: ¡A true example of Decision!

My name is Yesenia Martinez, I am 37 years old, I am from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Like most people, I planned to come to the United States for just a little while, but then when my son was born, coming back got complicated. Things in Mexico started to get more and more difficult and dangerous, so my husband and I decided to stay here for the sake of my family.

When my son was born, I felt that I was living in an endless routine every day. Even though I had two miscarriages, when I finally had my baby, I suffered from postpartum depression. My whole family told me to enjoy my baby; however, I couldn't help but think negatively. Until my baby was a year and a half old, I started enjoying my family again.

An enormous challenge that I had to face was accepting that I now lived far from my people and country. For a long time, I could not accept my reality. I clung to my life in Mexico.

And everything began to change when I met ROSAesROJO. At Catholic Charities - Cardinal Farrell Community Center, I had the pleasure of learning about this organization.

Weekly Catholic Charities, organizations, or community groups come to us to share topics and classes on nutrition, exercise, parenting education, among others. ROSAesROJO appeared one day, inviting us to be part of “El Camino Rojo.” When I read the description of the program, the positive thinking and emotional health part caught my attention because I felt that it was just what I needed. There is always talk of good eating and exercise; however, I was pleased that they also cared about my mental health.

My great need to focus on my mental health caused me to neglect physical health now. I loved positive thinking exercises. However, I had a hard time accepting that it was also important to change my diet. It was tough for me. In the end, everything I heard, read and learned fell on me like a bucket of cold water. Now I am very aware of everything that "feeds" my body, mind, and spirit, be it food or negative feelings, or emotions. Today I know how to recognize them, handle them, and put them in my favor, thanks to ROSAesROJO.

After finishing “El Camino Rojo,” I have not stopped learning. Unlike! I listen to the SuperVive Podcast weekly with Aideé and Paco. Besides learning, I can share it with my whole family. There was an episode that came to me when I needed it most. This episode talked about what to do after a difficult health diagnosis. As soon as I finished listening to it, I sent it to a very dear friend, who had just had thyroid surgery. The impact it had on his life and recovery was excellent. I invite you to listen to it!

That same episode of the Podcast I sent to my mother recently found a tumor very close to the jugular. They had to operate on my mother, and as in all surgery, there is an inherent risk. Still, in this surgery (due to the proximity of the tumor in the artery that carries blood to the brain), there was a risk that she would lose mobility in half of the body, and he speaks. Thank God everything went smoothly in the surgery ... facing a diagnosis of a rare disease filled us with fear, and that particular podcast episode helped us tremendously.

ROSAesROJO is a wonderful organization that has taught me so many lessons. I am very grateful to God for being part of "The Red Road" because it definitely changes your life ... of course, if you are willing. They will give you all the necessary tools, but it depends on you and willing to open your eyes. These lifestyle changes will make a difference!


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