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Meet Norma: A true example of strength!

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and grandmother.

My name is Norma Ordaz, I have 50 years of life and 33 years of marriage. I was born in Texas; however, I grew up in Mexico. In Guanajuato, I lived my childhood, my youth, and there I got married. 26 years ago I came to live in the United States. My second daughter was just 3 years old. Despite the fact that the United States is my country and my nationality, I spent some very happy years in Mexico. We moved to Dallas, TX in search of new opportunities.

When we came to live here, everything was going according to plan. I can say that we were happy, and we had a “normal” lifestyle. However, that lifestyle completely changed when in 2018 I was detected with breast cancer. I was the first breast cancer case in my family.

As a result of this diagnosis, we began to make more and more changes for the better. I remember that at home we already used to eat healthily; However, after the news, we decided to eat even better. My family has never been overweight, so we believed that we were eating properly. So when I really learned to choose REAL food, I realized that everything that enters my body adds to your health, or makes you sicker.

My cancer diagnosis was a great trial of life, and throughout my journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I found that my biggest challenge was consistently exercising. My excuse was always lack of time, and since exercising never caught my attention, I let it go. In the end, my diagnosis was what prompted me to change and to incorporate exercise. Now I walk every day to strengthen myself.

ROSAesROJO came into my life and my family when I needed him most. I had not started my cancer treatment yet. All of us at home were in a moment of doubt and uncertainty. As I began this odyssey with cancer, I was recommended to go to the Cancer Support Community of North Texas. It was there that in a presentation we met ROSAesROJO, as they are community partners, and we were shocked.

After participating and being part of the ROSAesROJO programs, our concepts of health changed completely: my cupboard changed drastically, and in the last three years it has remained “clean”, with more real food! I confess that continues to challenge me the exercise, however, I have not stopped moving forward, learning and trying!

God, my family, and friends who are always by my side are the most important thing in my life. Today I still want to live, and it is thanks to them. They are my engine of life. And that is why I think it is so important that they also know how to have a healthier lifestyle.

An important moment for me has been that my sister and I have already taken El Camino Rojo. First me, then I invited her. I have also involved my daughters in ROSAesROJO events, including the SuperVive races that we have all been part of. I am very grateful that the way was opened for me to learn such important information, in such a simple way.

I am sure that if they give themselves the opportunity they will learn how to live better every day.

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