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Empowerment Stories: Martha and her Determination

I am Martha. I am 58 years old. I have faced various challenges throughout my life, but I have also found in each obstacle an opportunity to grow and strengthen. I was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and currently reside in Texas, after having emigrated when I was fourteen years old.

My life took an unexpected turn when my son was diagnosed with autism. At a time when information and support were scarce, I was forced to leave my professional career to dedicate myself fully to his care. It was a challenging period, facing society's lack of understanding and empathy towards autism.

However, I never lost hope or stopped fighting for my son. I defended his right to receive an inclusive and appropriate education, challenging the stigma and ignorance surrounding autism at the time. My academic training and my determination were my greatest allies.

Upon encountering ROSAesROJO my life continued to strengthen. Not only did they provide me with invaluable information on health and wellbeing, but they also helped me remember how crucial self-care is, especially that of my mental health.

Since then, I have shared the knowledge I have acquired with my family and community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging comprehensive care for our well-being.

To those who hesitate to participate in ROSAesROJO programs, I say that it is never too late to start again. Every small step towards self-care and self-improvement is significant, and support is always available for those who are willing to seek it.

In short, my story is a testimony of resilience, determination and empowerment. Every challenge I have faced has made me stronger and allowed me to grow as a person. I found strength in the midst of adversity and today, more than ever, I am committed to moving forward, inspiring others to do the same. My journey of empowerment continues, and I am ready to face any challenge life throws at me.


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