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CHALLENGE: Learn from someone else's head!


We are super excited about this challenge that Paco MacSwiney invited us to yesterday! If you did not have the opportunity to hear the good news that Paco told all of us who seek to #supervive the challenges we live, enter here and listen to it! You're going to love: More Madness Please!

Well, yesterday we concluded that we all need a bit of Madness in our lives, and that is why we are going to do this 4-week challenge, starting next Monday, May 21, and ending on Monday, June 18, 2018. Ready?

The challenge is to choose 1 CONCRETE action that we want to REMOVE from our daily routine, which is bad for us or does not add to our well-being. In addition, we are also going to choose 1 CONCRETE action that we want to ADD to our daily routine that will help us feel and be MUCH BETTER, that is, an action that ADDS to our well-being. We talk about 4 basic pillars to choose these actions to remove and add: Nutrition, Exercise, Emotions and Mind, Medical Support.

To guide us we have prepared a document (challenge guide) that you can download HERE at no cost. All you need is WILL and a lot of heart to get started. You have our support! This guide, which is like a workbook, will help you to write down your reflections, feelings, progress, obstacles, and solutions. We are sure that you will be proud of what you will be achieving.

Among all the people who download the guide and start the CHALLENGE, we will form a private group on Facebook. In this group, we will share tips to stay motivated, define our goals correctly, cheer each other on and it is also worth asking for suggestions on how to do it to stay constant!

And we talked yesterday about an award! * To the first 5 people who finish their report of the 4 weeks of challenge (the guide answered), and send it to our post office on Monday, June 18, we will send them a «LoCura», Like the one that Paco and I were using yesterday during the broadcast (we will send you a new one, don't hurry!;)). * Shipments of the prizes apply to Mexico and the United States only.

Our emails are:


Shall we start? Thank you for believing that we can learn from someone else's head and bring more LoCura to this world that needs it so much!

With love,

Paco and Aideé


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