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The Sky Modernizes

Author: Aideé Granados

March 27, 2016

Dear Soul, you did it!

If heaven has a door, it is shaped like a cross.

This door will also have a lock, and therefore you will need a key. Logical, right? However, paradise has a fairly sophisticated and modern system to enter. Looks like he's up to speed on this security thing!

I tell you this story…

A very generous woman lived on Earth and carefully observed many needs that existed around her: illness, hunger, sadness, disunity, and more. She heard one day that when the door of heaven opened, thousands of gifts, blessings, good and wonderful things would come out of it. Then he decided to start his way to that place and open the door to whatever way it might be. He liked to see the world more happy than unhappy.

He grabbed a light luggage and set off. He knew well how to make the move. Others had already shown him where to go.

At last he reached the entrance, and found a door in the shape of a cross. There was no other way to enter: that was the only option.

The woman very much wanted these wonderful things and gifts to spread all over the world. So much needed! She needed it for herself, for her family, for her friends, and even for those people she didn't know.

He knocked hard with his knuckles. Nobody answered. He screamed loudly. He had no reply.

He waited and began to despair. She was determined to open the door, get to heaven, receive the much talked about gifts and share them with the rest of the world.

He tried to break down the door with all his might. Nothing happened. He put explosives, to blow it up! They did not work. He seized an ax to cut it; the cross looked like wood. Nothing! I was exhausted, physically and emotionally. He kicked him. Shouted him. He sang to her. He danced for him. It tickled him.

It did not open.

Where was the doorman? San Pedro, right? It seemed that the entrance system had been modernized.

The door seemed to begin to lean towards her, as if embracing her. He began to feel the weight he was carrying. Seeing and feeling it this close, he realized that there was no doorbell. However, there was a lock.

He sensed something strange. The lock looked like something like a mirror, a panel, a board ... something similar to what he had seen in spy movies and futurists. In heaven and with so much technology? Finally he thought: "He's a reader!" The key to enter was in herself.

He tried with his eyes, so that the reader could read his retina. Nothing. He tested his fingerprints. Either.

Had he traveled that long for nothing? Cruz's door kept leaning and hugging her, almost to the point of leaving her no option to exit from other sides. Only in this way did he manage to see his own face reflected in the reader. The woman had tried everything. He had already cried, so he chose to smile. A smile that could only be the product of personal satisfaction and loving acceptance of the situation where he was. He loved the moment. He loved his Cross. And he smiled at her from the bottom of his heart.

The reader came to life; some noises began to be heard. Some lights came on. The smile! The heart! He kept showing his teeth greatly and he kept loving his Cross with madness. As much as he could! The corners of her mouth ached from showing her smile so much. The heart seemed to explode with love. And just like that, he heard a "click."

The Cross stood up and began to open, letting out endless light, gifts and gifts that fell directly on Earth. The woman saw how these reached her family, her friends and strangers. It was such a shower of blessings that he couldn't believe his eyes. And most shockingly, the shower of gifts seemed not to end.

“It will be endless and it will increase! When a door in heaven opens, it never closes again ”. She heard a beautiful voice, like no other she had ever heard before, say this to her as he hugged and kissed her. He had succeeded.


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