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Meet Veronica: Example of Perseverance

My name is Veronica Villarruel, I am 47 years old, and today I live in Texas.

In 2005 I separated from my husband and moved to the United States mainly so that my children would have a better future. Something that also influenced me is that this country has many more opportunities. Today I thank God because despite the move and the adversities we got ahead. Today we are extremely happy.

Not everything has been easy. Throughout my life, there have been various health challenges. Starting with me: I suffered from depression.

Another of the biggest health challenges is that chronic diseases have run through my family in various ways. Both my parents and my four siblings suffer from diabetes, and my grandfather and my cousin passed away from cancer.

I met ROSAesROJO through Attitudesand Attires, which is one of their community partners in North Texas. ROSAesROJO offered me a scholarship to take the wellness program, The Rojo Way. My life changed completely. Today I feel very excited and grateful for everything I have learned and for what I still have to learn.

My concepts of health and well-being have changed a lot. Everything that started with small steps led me to completely stop consuming sodas and soft drinks. They have also helped me try vegetables I never thought I would eat, and my fruit intake has gone up a lot. The challenge I currently find myself in is to give up excess bread, and processed foods and actively check the ingredients of everything that is bought at home.

ROSAesROJO It has not only helped with my nutrition but also with my mental and physical health, they helped me strengthen myself emotionally and to feel different. I liked that, in addition to The Rojo Way sessions, there are more resources. I'm talking about SuperVive Comunidad, a free application downloadable to our cell phones.

In this virtual community, I find the SuperVive Podcast. This is one of the resources that has helped me the most, as it allows me to learn about health issues while doing anything else. I find a community to move and exercise with intention in the Gym SuperVive and Group Coaching

Everything learned doesn't just stay with me. I have shared all the resources and information with my children, family, and friends.

Today I am super happy with everything I have learned. I have noticed many positive changes in my life. Thank you ROSAesROJO for such a great opportunity. I firmly believe that if we all add to this community and health movement, the world would be different and there would be much less disease.

SuperVivir it's possible. Today I think that my age does not define me, and I have time to improve my health. And I have good news for you: You too are on time. Do not wait and change your life.

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