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Kapwing for Non-profits

As a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to make wellness and cancer prevention accessible to Hispanic women in North Texas, we are always sharing relevant media content both in English and Spanish. This is so important to effectively reach our generous donors, community partners, and our participants. We were struggling since every single day we were communicating in English and Spanish and when we knew about the service Kapwing was offering, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel!

Kapwing is a free online video tool that you can use for making all types of media content, and trust us, it will make your life easier! Sometimes as a nonprofit we don’t have all the time or resources in the world to solely focus on video production, and that’s where Kapwing comes in, serving people life freelancers, students, and entertainers.

How was Kapwing born?

Julia and Eric (CEO and CTO of Kapwing), after graduating from college and working for Google for two years, decided to leave and create Kapwing. Like most of us, they were amateur video creators and they saw the need for an accessible multimedia editor. The name “Kapwing was inspired by Bill Watterson. He invented the word “Kapwing” for the sound of something ricocheting.

Kapwing is also incredibly helpful and makes crafting digital stories very simple, accessible, and fast. They have a resources library and a Youtube channel where you can find tutorials and informative videos so you never feel lost! Kapwing impacts our community in many ways, so we want to share our 3 favorite Kapwing features!

#1 Add captions to any video

We know that there is a lot of education and information in the United States about wellness, health, and cancer prevention. However, the vast majority of this information is in English and is not adapted to our Hispanic cultural context, but Kapwing allows us to add captions in English and Spanish to our informative videos, making it easy to reach all of our target audiences! And the best can also translate captions. Any video with English audio can now have Spanish captions in a matter of minutes!

#2 Resize any video

Sometimes we want to re-share videos to our Instagram Stories but we decide not to because re-sizing a video can be tricky. Every platform has its own guidelines for image sizes, and you don’t want to be editing the same thing 5 times. Ever since we started using Kapwing this hasn’t been a problem. They make it simple to re-size any video with a few clicks. They already have the default sizes, all you have to do is click one, and boom! Your video is ready to be shared!

#3 No Watermark

Free tools always come with a cost, and you would think that applies to Kapwing, but guess what? It does not! Kapwing allows you to make content, save it, and share it with no watermarks on the way, giving your video a more professional look!

Kapwing is not only helping many creators around the world, but it’s also contributing to our mission of making wellness and cancer prevention a reality for Hispanics in America, through the use of culturally relevant content in Spanish. Thank you Kapwing!

Try Kapwing now:


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