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Deilhy: Example of Perseverance

My name is Deilhy Melissa Mar Alvarez. I am 39 years old and I am from Veracruz, Mexico, and I live in the United States due to insecurity in my place of origin. I decided to stay here because I longed for a better future for my baby and my family.

The biggest challenge in my life has been to conquer my will. Not only making the decision to make health changes but also sustaining those decisions with willpower.

I suffer from hypertension, that is why it is very important to stay healthy, for me and my family. Sometimes I am a very anxious person and I tend to channel this emotion by consuming unhealthy food. And I have realized that controlling myself and making the decision to pursue physical health on a daily basis is an even bigger challenge if I do not have a good mental health.

That is why both the El Camino Rojo workshops and SuperVive Comunidad have helped me a lot. They have accompanied me at every step and I have learned how to better manage my emotions and how to name them. This has had a huge impact on my overall health. Today I understand that I need new habits, I need new tools, and I need a community with the same goals. I am grateful to have goals and to be part of a community with the same goals and values than me.

One of the lessons that I will always remember is that in ROSAesROJO they showed me the importance of having compassion with myself. Sometimes, one tends to be relentless and punish yourself for having bad habits. I had a tendency to say negative things to myself and judge me when I failed on my health plan. I now understand that I am most likely not to reach my goals when I speak to myself in a negative way. Today everything is different! They have taught me to be kind to myself and find achievable solutions. After El Camino Rojo I began to see myself in a different way. I started with small changes. Now I am healthier and happier.

This positive change has not only impacted me. I started sharing what I learned with many people. For example, my husband now makes better decisions when we do grocery shopping, and my sister went from being sedentary to walking for an hour everyday. Seeing the people you love to make positive changes is very rewarding. Above all, I think of my son. It is in my hands to save him from all these health problems and that he grows up with deep-rooted healthy habits.

Finally, I would like to highlight the way in which ROSAesROJO educates: they do it in a sweet and compassionate way, and that is something that you don't find easily. When you need to make a change in your health, many people judge, criticize, and even scold you! However, ROSAesROJO is compassionate and accompanies you.

ROSAesROJO truly plants the seed of knowledge so that you're able to harvest it daily. If you haven't joined our community yet, I invite you. It is the best opportunity to change your life for the better!


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