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Carmen: Mi Favorite Barista

The story of the "extra" who won my loyalty.

By: Aideé Granados

A topic that I really like is Customer Service: give it and receive it. I can be a harsh critic when I don't get good service. Yet at the same time, extraordinary service can earn my loyalty forever. I'll tell you a story: It

was the month of June 2013. One day I went into beauty, makeup, etc. store. I was in the middle of chemotherapy, treating my breast cancer, so I had lost all the hair that I could have on my body. This included my eyelashes and eyebrows (which had always been very thick). I looked very different; I can even say: rare. And for me, during my treatment, it was always important to look good, to feel better.

I wanted to buy makeup to paint my eyebrows. I had no idea where to start. Also, I wanted to buy makeup that was free of all cancer-related chemicals. That narrowed my search to a few brands.

Apparently I went at a time when there was hardly anyone available to help me. I was half lost, searching here and there.

Finally, a lady saw me, and was encouraged to ask: Can I help you with something? This lady, whose name is Carmen, was one of the heads of a line of products very famous for having “eyebrow bars”. That is, a "bar" where what they do is fix the eyebrows, make them beautiful, pluck them with various methods, etc. They work, in short, to remove some eyebrows to make them "works of art." But I didn't have hair, so Carmen had nothing to do with me, or to help me.

Anyway, I explained why I was there. And he understood me VERY well.

Carmen knew that "her brand" was not for me, because it is a line that has chemicals that are not so good for the treatment I was in. So, she went looking for less toxic makeup (from another brand). And he returned with makeup for the eyebrows and templates to "trace" the eyebrows and thus paint them. I told him that I had no idea how to do it since I had never done it before.

I said that and he sat me in his chair at the "bar". He took out the stencils and gave me a lesson on how to paint them. It left me with eyebrows (made up) like no one ever has! Sure, if I saw them from afar they seemed natural. And I looked really good!

Carmen did something for me that she didn't touch. What's more, she was dedicated to just the opposite: to remove eyebrows ... not to paint them.

Today, that I already have a lot of eyebrows, I go with Carmen every three weeks or every month. He is my spoiled "barista". She's my friend. He asks me how I'm doing, how I'm doing. It charges me, yes, more than double that if I went to another place. However, I don't care. Carmen is worth that, and more.

Although I do not buy, nor will I buy products from their brand, they already have a customer for life by making my eyebrows a work of art. Well, to be exact, Carmen won a client for them.

I have to confess that I have met many more people like Carmen. Many. However, with some frequency, I still run into its opposite. How would life be like more Carmen-es out there? I personally have a lot to learn from her!

How much do we give "more" on a day-to-day basis? Did we try? And tell me how it goes ...


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